About Tribal Code Design



Tribal Code Strategic Design Systems

We Design Your Visual Identity based on Core Values, Lean Strategy, and Adaptive Technology.

Tribal Code reflects the design work of George Canciani, creative director / interaction designer and Elizabeth Carney, executive producer / serial entrepreneur.

We create Design Solutions for our clients with analytical research, insight, talent, imagination, and impeccable execution. We are hands-on vision catalysts, strategists, system designers, developers, producers, and conceptual provocateurs.

We have integrated Brand Design, Web Development, Interactive Media, Video, and Sensual Impact through core methodologies derived from our cross-cultural design sensibilities between Europe and the United States.

Our working approach is based on Whole Systems Design Thinking, integrating multiple aspects of a company's intent into a cohesive unified brand expression.

Our strength derives from the diversity of our creative actions and breadth of knowledge applied to design, user experience, interaction, and marketing disciplines. We then add imagination, aesthetics, and rich content to deliver business results with responsive customer engagement.

Our understanding of evolving market dynamics, combined with a mix of aesthetic intelligence and leveraged technology have benefitted our clients by delivering a seductive presence for their companies and product lines.

It's all about emotional connections, visible impact, image awareness, fluid customer engagement and response through reciprocal transactions in a mutually beneficial networked world.

(The name Tribal Code refers to affinity groups (Tribal), communicating through Internet networks their unique cultural rituals, messaging, and experiences using media channels (Code) in engaged conversation leading to mutually beneficial interactions through sustainable markets)

Tribal = Affinity Networks
Code = Message + Form + Integrated Media Channels

George Canciani, Tribal Code Strategic Design